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Shop : Motorola 68008 Processor (DIL)

Motorola 68008 processor
De Motorola 68008 CPU

Deze CPU komt in verschillende vormen , de hier aangehaalde versie is er een in DIL package.

Wikipedia over de Motorola 68008 CPU :

The 68008 by Motorola is an 8/32-bit microprocessor introduced by Motorola in 1982. It is a version of 1979's Motorola 68000 with an 8-bit external data bus, as well as a smaller address bus.
The 68008 was designed to work with lower cost 8-bit memory systems. Because of its smaller data bus, it was roughly half as fast as a 68000 of the same clock speed.
It was still faster than competing 8-bit microprocessors, because internally the 68008 behaves identically to the 68000 and has the same microarchitecture.[2]

The Sinclair QL microcomputer uses the 68008 as the main processor.

Motorola ended production of the 68008 in 1996.


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