Flashfloppy : Nieuwe Stable versie, Flashfloppy Firmware v3.28 Gereleased !

Flashfloppy Firmware Updates

De laatste nieuwe stable release van de FlashFloppy firmware heeft een update gekregen,.
De meest recente versie van de Flashfloppy firmware kun je hier downloaden.
Je kunt je Flashfloppy firmware eenvoudig updaten naar de nieuwste versie, hier vind je de uitleg hoe dat te doen.

FlashFloppy Firmware Release v3.28

  • Gotek model SFR1M44-U100LQD: Fix occasional rotary encoder issue
  • This model uses SFRKC40.AT4.7 PCB with encoder on new pin header
  • Rotary encoder would occasionally not be detected at power on

Oudere releases Flashfloppy Firmware:

FlashFloppy Release v3.27
  • Fix v3.26 regression in button handling for GOEX hardware (and other "Enhanced Gotek" models)
FlashFloppy Release v3.26
  • Support new Gotek board SFRKC30.AT4.7
FlashFloppy v3.25 
  • IMG, DSK: Fix track formatting on Artery microcontrollers
    • Firmware would crash during format operations

FlashFloppy v3.24 

FlashFloppy v3.23

  • OLED/LCD: Fix missing folder name display row when inserting USB drive
  • IMG.CFG: New examples for Roland, Sinclair QL, Kaypro
  • IMG.CFG: Now supported in HxC-compat and indexed navigation modes
  • IMG: Fix default 8-inch single-density data rate
  • IMG, HFE: Support 255-cylinder image files

FlashFloppy v3.22

Fix various crashes when mounting a Flash drive with stale IMAGE_A.CFG
  • FAT FS: Support filesystems for which cluster table is "too small"
  • FF.CFG: New OLED display-type option: -inverse
  • FF.CFG: Ignore display-order= option in banner/menu modes
  • FF.CFG: Fix display-type= parsing for OLED-specific options

FlashFloppy v3.21 

  • Support GUID Partition Table (GPT)
  • Now support: GPT, MBR, and no partition table
  • FatFS: Updated to R0.14, patchlevel 

FlashFloppy v3.20 

  • Eject Menu: Replace Clone with Copy/Paste
  • FF.CFG: New option rotary=v2 to use v2.x encoder logic
  • FF.CFG: New option twobutton-action=htu
  • IMG.CFG: New parameters: tracks, h, gap4a
  • IMG.CFG: Tag names are now case insensitive
  • IMG.CFG: Tag by file size and/or name
  • IMG.CFG: Implement some example configurations under examples/Host/
  • IMG: Fix some of the more bizarre default track geometries

FlashFloppy v3.19 

  • Amiga, ADF: Fix X-Copy verified writes with out-of-order sectors
    • Remember the latest written sector order for current cylinder
    • Forgotten after head step or disk eject but sufficient for X-Copy
  • FF.CFG: New interface= options jppc and jppc-hdout
    • jppc: pin2=nc, pin34=RDY, Japanese PC standard
    • jppc-hdout: As above but pin2=HD_OUT, similar to ibmpc-hdout
    • akai-s950 is retained as a legacy alias for jppc-hdout

FlashFloppy v3.18 

  • OLED/LCD: Fix potential minor display corruption (Only seen with 128x64 OLED displays, bottom right corner)
  • Alt/logfile: Write FFLOG.TXT to correct folder (root or FF/)
  • IMG, DSK: Various cleanups to sector-write handling

FlashFloppy v3.17 

  • DSK: Fix infinite loop when trying to open a bad DSK image file
  • Quick Disk: Restart read stream immediately after a write (now works on Sharp MZ-800)
  • IMG.CFG: Remove [default] stanza from example config (Users copying the example file will no longer break their IMG files)

FlashFloppy v3.15  (
Major Stable Series v3 Declared)

*** All users are recommended to update to v3.15 ***
    • Quick Disk emulation (alternative firmware)
      • Akai, Roland, and many other synths and systems!
    • FF OSD full integration
      • Multi-row and multi-height OSD
      • Gotek buttons can control OSD
      • Amiga keyboard (via OSD) can control your Gotek
        • No need for case cutting or 3D prints for Gotek user interface!
  • New Disk Change Reset option in FF.CFG
    • Clear Disk-Change line automatically or via an input (DCR) signal
    • Fixes disk change for a range of synths and other devices
  • LCD/OLED: New menu system
    • Main menu when no USB stick is inserted, and Select is pressed
    • Action menu when currently-selected disk image is ejected
  • LCD/OLED: Configure text height (OLED) & row order
  • LCD: Support up to 20x04 displays
  • Rotary Encoder: Significant handling improvements, now works with most cheap Chinese encoders.


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